A week of experimental collaborations between ROAR members at 25 Wellgate.

As part of the Point Blank Theatre partnership ROAR decided to take on the empty shop for a week and provide collaborative opportunities to some of our members. It was approached like a prototype of an event which could be much bigger next year.

The idea and usefulness of collaboration is well known by art practitioners but the opportunities to participate in such encounters are rare.

We asked two pairs of artists, one visual one sound based, to enter the shop separately on the first day where the sound artist would respond to the visual artists work and on the second day to collaborate in what ever way they saw fit drawing on the experiences of the previous day.

The artists found it hugely stimulating and useful as a development to their practice and an art document has been produce from the process. ROAR looks forward to developing this idea into a collaborative festival where we will link up with other member run art initiatives locally, nationally and internationally.

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