My first encounter with painting was when I went on holiday to St’Ives.  The artists there were like a magnet to me.

I still did not start painting until I had an accident when I was fifty two years old and was off work for six months.

I am a self taught artist and I was invited to show my work at a local school, it was out of the blue and I had only been painting three years.  It was a great moment for me to be asked by the art teacher to display my work at their school.

My next exhibition was a solo show at the Edward Mayer gallery in Sheffield.  I was praised for my breadth of my talent and choice of subjects.

I continued to exhibit at various libraries and museums in Sheffield and Rotherham and I have regularly shown my work at the Sheffield Art Show for twelve years.

I then tried my luck at the Marine Art Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London.  I was not selected but I was invited to a private view with the president David Howell for a preview at the galleries.

I have been invited to have my name in the Who’s Who in Art book for artists.

I have sold work in France, Norfolk, Cornwall, London and locally.

I am still painting as you can see at the age of eighty five.