We provide a number of regular events for our members to get involved in, as follows:

Every week at ROAR Art Space we have…


Tuesday: Life Drawing, 7-9pm

£7 non-members £5 Members £3 unwaged/students.
For more information contact: team@rotherhamroar.org


Wednesday: Common Room, 3-7pm (except the 2nd Wednesday of every month)

Common Room is an ongoing, artistic, creative journey.
There is space, time, materials and resources.
Participants are encouraged to bring questions, experiment, learn from each other, respond to each other and support each other.
In order to start a journey you must first leave your shore.


Friday: Digital Drop-in, 10-12 noon

We can help you with anything digital from websites, to image manipulation. There is no set agenda for the meetings you come with your digital needs and we will endeavour to help.
There is always tea and coffee (and biscuits on special occasions…)



Every month at ROAR…


2nd Wednesday of the month: ROAR Artist Talks, 4.30pm-5.30pm

We invite an artist to come and discuss or present their work. For some examples, check out our videos page. This event is also open to non-members.
If you would like to give a talk please contact matt@rotherhamroar.org

Exhibitions in Buzz Gallery:

These exhibitions alternate between ROAR member solo shows and group shows.

Rotherham Notations:

Create an alternative music score for a specific place in the Borough of Rotherham.
A musician will play this work on location.
This will be filmed, documented and exhibited.


We also provide other services and features…


Art Psychotherapy

Art Therapy creatively engages participants through the expressive use of materials enabling them to reflect and grow. Supported by a fully qualified Art Therapist, people will be able to explore unresolved issues or conflicts that may have impacted on their lives in order to understand, overcome and move forward.

Eunice is ROAR’s Art Therapist and comes in every Monday. You can read more about her via our Medium blog here.


For all our other events, keep up to date with us on Twitter and Facebook.