ROAR Talk #18 Walt Shaw

Walt is a freelance musician and artist from near Derby in the Midlands. He has been involved in a host of arts projects for the last 25 years. His projects have ranged from exhibitions of paintings and sculpture, both solo and group, to installations, to cross-disciplinary collaborations with dancers and physical performers. In these latter projects his experimental percussion and low-tech electronics have always played a significant role.

Talk 18

The Carnival Is Coming!


Would you like the opportunity to create your own artwork and have it displayed to the public?

If so, this is your chance to get involved in a fantastic up-and-coming local arts event.

On the first Saturday of August, the carnival will be coming to the village of Aston!

ROAR, as part of the SPACE art project, have organised some FREE workshops for kids to attend.

Come, join in the fun and make some extraordinary art to show off to your friends and family at the Aston Carnival on the 2nd of August.

SPACE art group is open to any young person aged 10 to 16 (and you can bring your family too, if you want!)

We are making art for three days at the Swallownest Community Centre:

Tuesday 22nd July 10am – 2pm

Wednesday 23rd July 10am – 2pm

Thursday 24th July 10am – 2pm

GIANT things, small things, many things, single things

things that ask questions and things that just are

things that show off, things that hide in the shadows

things that you can hold, things that you probably shouldn’t!


CONTACT – via email: or by telephone: 01709 835747