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ILIVEINASQUARE – “I would rather work in a shared environment than on my own, and the people at ROAR are really supportive in trying new things. If it goes wrong it doesn’t matter.”

Anna Kozak- “I think everyone is welcome at ROAR.”

Rob Peveril – “And [ROAR] saved my life. I am not just saying that so you can look good in a magazine. That’s it really.”

Amy Cawthorn – “I don’t think that any two art forms have to be on their own. I think each art form can be enjoyed on its own, but it’s fun to collaborate and see what happens when different art forms come together to create something new.”

Chris Slater: “[ROAR] have created an environment for all art forms to get together. You get introduced to new art forms, new ideas and new artists, which is great.”

Kirsty Grant – “You don’t learn everything in art, you just keep going, you just keep growing.”

Amanda Taylor – “It made me laugh because I would see people out with these necklaces on and I would think you’re wearing a pair of my old knickers around your neck!”

Zoyander Street- “[ROAR] was really really great because it meant I was going to this very pleasant environment every weekday, getting out the house and meeting all these really amazing people.”

Tair Rafiq- “Since I started my association with ROAR things have just snowballed from writing plays to this stage now. If I hadn’t been with ROAR I don’t think I would have been in the position I am now.”

Open Minds: “Advocacy is a big thing for us. Advocacy through drama. Advocacy through performing arts is a major factor to what we do.”

Tracy White: “Yeah, seeing other people work at ROAR you get other ideas because you are not stuck in one environment.”